Hunger Games

I’m so trilled that the hunger games catching fire is coming out.  I can’t wait to see the action packed movie. After winning the 74th annual  hunger games Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark were forced to go back to the arena. Now they have to fight for their survival. Would they win the 75th hunger games. Watch the hunger games to know what happens. It is coming out on November 21 2013. People that like action and adventure would like the hunger games. Click on this link to learn more


Technology is everything almost everything we use is. The only thing I can hear in my classroom are fingers hitting down on the keyboard. Everything we do at school involves the computer or another type of technology.

I wonder what the world would be without technology. What do you think?

My favourite piece of technology is the computer. The computer was invented in 1940. Originally they were the size of a big a room and consumed as much power as hundreds of modern ones. Charles Babbage was the person to invent the computer. Charles’ idea was to make a machine that calculates math problems because he was tried of people getting math problems wrong. Instead he made the computer.

The computer is my favourite piece of technology because its much easier to use than a touch screen. I think that touch screen should only be for games. The computer has a much bigger screen than any piece of technology except the T.V. The computer is very helpful, it makes people work a lot easier.

What is your favourite piece of technology?


Banned Smoking,

Smoking should be banned around the world because of the cause it is doing to the people. They die because of  cancer that smoking gives them.

If they stop smoking they can save them a lot of money, a packet of cigarettes can cost from $14.50 up to $20, loose tobacco can cost $31.50, which can buy food for them that can last for a week. They would be spending $ 208 a month which is equal to $ 2548 a year.

A cigarette takes five minutes of your life, studies show that people that smoke a shorter life period than the ones that don’t  that means if you smoke 1 cigarette each day for a month that is already 155 minutes of your life. When we think of smoking which causes different types of cancer, lung cancer is often our first thought. Tobacco can give seventy different types of cancer. There are 5000 deaths in New Zealand in a year because of smoking. People that smoke today are more likely to be killed by tobacco. Smoking ruins the lungs, heart and brain.

The adult, being a role model for the children is very important  because when a child sees someone smoking they will think that is  okay for them to smoke too.

Smoking ruins the environment and you. That is why I think that smoking should be against the law. What do you think?

Ski Camp

This term some of the year 7 and 8’s went to camp were we had a chance to go to the hot pools, play on the park and go to Mt Ruapehu.

That is were the fun began we all hired skis and snowboards and went to the lift to go to whakapapa to take our lessons, learning how to stop, turn and a snowplough was quite fun, when you watch it on TV you would thing that it is hard but is was actually easy. During the lesson I have fallen ones, I have learned so many thing from this camp.

I remembered the first time I skied down Happy valley seeing all the people going past me going really fast.

I finally made it down to the bottom and took the lift up and went again.