Bullyingis bad because it hurts people verbally or physically, there are more ways of bullying this days like facebook text messages and twiter  . For the kids that are being bullied you should stand up and tell someone that is older then you that you can trust. If you are being bullied at school tell the teacher or your parents.

4 thoughts on “Bullying

  1. Good strategies, Josh!

    Susan McLean is often very good at dealing with cyberbullying, and it would have been good if you could use some of her resources, and if parents and teachers know about them.

    One thing about bullying by text is that it can be easily documented and proven.

    Bullying also hurts people socially [like exclusion bullying], emotionally and psychologically.

  2. Josh
    You make important points about letting people know. Also the cyber bullying is an important issue. It would be a good idea to find out about her and put a link in your post to her resources.
    Miss T

  3. Hi Josh,
    I think bullying is very bad too because it can hurt other people’s feelings. I don’t have a cell phone, facebook, or a twitter account, but there are bullies at my school. Even though I haven’t been bullied, I try to be nice to everyone just because it’s how you should treat each other.

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