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My avatar reflects a whole lot of things about me! The baseball bat stands for baseball I enjoy playing baseball because I get to hit a ball with a bat which is fun, for most people they don’t like it they just prefer sting down doing not thing. The shirt stands taekwondo I use to do taekwondo with my brother my brother is a black belt he stared this sport when he was 11 now my brother is 26. The red shoes stands for my favourite colour.

14 thoughts on “About my avatar

  1. Thats a really cool avatar. I think base ball is actually a fun thing to do!
    I also think it’s very cool, that you were in teakondo, and your brother is a black belt! It takes alot of practice to be that good! Otherwise, i really liked this blog.
    And you sound like a very interesting person.

  2. Really cool avatar dude I love baseball. Who is your favorite team? my favorite team are the New York Yankees they are really good. How is taekwondo? I have been thinking about joining it I just never knew if it was any fun. Anyway I hope you will visit my blog and leave a comment at http://2016bac.edublogs.org/

  3. I like baseball too and my favorite team would either be the NY yankees or the NY Mets. my brother is also a black belt, he started tae kwon do when he was 4 and got is black belt at 9 or 8 I forgot. I am only a purple belt though. And unfortunately the day before my brothers black belt test he got cut in the foot but he still went and passed I really like your blog and I think the lavalamp is really cool. I hope you can visit my blog this is my website http://blogs.saschina.org/erika01pd2019/ I have only had 1 person visit! : ( Oh ya momo is really cool

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  5. Hello Josh, it’s you Student Blogging Challenge Mentor from Australia back again.

    I think your avatar is wonderful. By your description, I can see you made a number of personal choices. That’s the way a good avatar should be.

    Have you seen the latest activities in Challenge 3?


    There are some great ideas there. You can even add a Student Blogging Challenge badge to your blog if you wish. For all the latest information and activities, you can go to the following official challenge link….


    Remember, if you have any questions you think I might be able to help with, click on the link below. It takes you to a blog I set up for the student challenge. You’ll find a summary of the activities there as well as some links. Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


    Ross Mannell (Your Student Blogging Challenge Mentor)
    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  6. I love the avatar! It sounds like it shows who you are very well! Taekwondo is a great hobby! My brother took taekwondo too and stopped when he became a 3rd degree black belt. I love your blog! Keep up the good work!

  7. I loved baseball too my favorite team is the Atlanta Braves. I was a purple belt in taekwando but that was many years ago. I think your avatar is great and I like the fact that you do not want to just sit around and do nothing, going outside to play is the best thing in the world.

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  9. Hello, Josh. It’s you blogging challenge mentor again.

    I can see the number of comments on your blog are growing. Have you visited and commented on other people’s blogs? That’s a great way to see what others are doing.

    One of the boy’s I mentor, named Ethan, lives in the US. He is making good progress on the Challenge. He lets everyone know what activity and challenge he completes. Here is his link if you would like to see…


    Remember, you can always contact me if you need any help by leaving a message on the blog I set up for the Challenge…


    Keep blogging.

    Ross Mannell (your Blogging Challenge mentor)
    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  10. Hey Josh, I see you’ve got a new background on your blog, and I have to say, it looks AMAZING! Also, Your avatar is pretty cool.

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